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Shack<LESS Physical and
Spiritual Fitness Ministries INC,

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  Shack<LESS Physical and Spiritual Fitness Ministries INC, was founded by Pastor Veronica Daughety.  Veronica  is a native of Newark Jersey. She is the proud graduate of Howard University class of 1988.  She is also the Creator of PRAISERCISE( HIIT WITH LIVE MUSICIAN). She has always had a love, desire  and passion to help others.  Little did she know the tremendous life changing mantle that God would soon charge her with and place on her life leading up to her transition from traditional ministry after a COMBINED TOTAL OF 30 YEARS of ministry in Newark NJ, Washington DC, St. Petersburg Fla & Charlotte NC where she currently resides.


At 385lbs in 2008, she began to receive visions and hear a soft but extremely audible voice occasionally instructing her TO HELP THE INCARCERATED,  those in prison. On May 31, 2018 (TEN YEARS LATER), she distinctively heard the voice of God say in summary "Now is the time".As fate would have it she recognized that she herself had experienced being incarcerated, imprisoned, bound, shackled, and on lockdown  due to decades of obesity, high blood pressure, low self-esteem, diabetes, high cholesterol and one suicide attempt due to her obesity (lack of self-love). "Veronica you are in prison you are bound by food, others are bound by food.  Do you not know that your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit who is in you which you have received from God. You are not your own, you were bought with a price therefore honor God with your body"love you... God!


Pastor Veronica  currently works with youth and adults as high intensity cardio combined with spiritual applications and conversations are aggressively thrust into the atmosphere to push and ignite the clients to shift into the greatness beneath the human shell. Veronica has been featured in The Charlotte Observer, Qnotes, Spectrum News 1, Praise 100.9Fm, Old School 105.3Fm and The Block 92.7 Fm


"In closing, remember first of all, that all things are possible if you believe and then act upon what you believe. Lastly this too shall pass(OBESITY)but you must act upon what you believe to be so. I've never known weight to just magically disappear and I don't anticipate it being such in the near distant future LETZZZZZ GOOOOOO"....



Pastor Veronica Daughety


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